EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – In Saturday’s Division 2 state championship game, Lansing Catholic’s girls basketball team was able to hoist the trophy above its head for the first time since 1995 thanks to the play of Anna and Leah Richards.

In the Cougars’ 43-29 championship win over Frankenmuth, the junior standouts alone outscored the Eagles when they combined for 30 points. Mix in the twin’s four steals and 13 rebounds on the night as well and it was the perfect recipe for something, not even a storybook could write.

“Just being able to win this with her, not many people have the chance to do that so just knowing you have family on the court also and they are going through the same experience and memories as you is really cool,” Leah Richards said.

“A lot of people ask like ‘Do you know where each other are in the court? How does that work?’ And I feel like we do to an extent,” Anna Richards said. “I feel like we have been playing together for so long and we are able to kind of know where each other are, we can talk through different things and just on offense I feel like we have a connection.”

“They have been this all season and sometimes it is one of the other and sometimes it is both and really throughout the tournament run they both had been stepping up time and time again,” Kacee Reid, Coach of Lansing Catholic girls basketball team said. “Just the synergy that they have and when Anna drives and turns around and kicks she knows that Leah is going to be there. Or Anna can completely feed off of when Leah is going to make the cut. It is just little things that you can’t put your finger on a lot of times but they just feed off of each other’s energy and the team feeds off of them.”

The sharp-shooting duo have been some of Lansing Catholic’s go-to gals all season long, but what are they like off of the hardwood?

“I feel like outside of basketball a lot of people don’t know that she [Leah] likes to read,” Anna said.

“Anna really likes to bake,” Leah said. “I feel like people also wouldn’t know that she is always on the go and she always wants to do something.”

“I have heard that Anna has just a crazy sense of humor behind the scenes and Leah is just the sweetest thing out there,” Reid said. “They just fit in with the team so well and just have this cohesive friendship with everybody.”

Both Anna and Leah are just two of the many key factors set to return back for the Cougars next season as the team looks to back-to-back next season.