OKEMOS, Mich (WLNS) – The Okemos Wolves baseball team started the season in style with two 15-0 wins in a doubleheader against Lansing Christian. Sophomores Nik Greborunis and Caleb Bonemer were a big reason for the Wolves’ shutout performances on the season-opening day, making them our 6 Sports Player(s) of the Week.

Caleb not only hit two home runs but he also pitched two scoreless innings while Nik had three hits and paired that while a scoreless inning on the mound of his own. For Nik, it was a little extra special since it was his first time pitching in over two years after having Tommy John Surgery.

For the Wolves to have such a dominant performance in their first outing we wanted to know how they were able to play so well without having a lot of practice due to the winter weather in Mid-Michigan. It was their team trip to Fort Myers, Florida over spring break which not only brought the team closer together but also gave them some time to scrimmage a few teams and practice in warmer weather.

The trip was a perfect escape from Michigan’s slow crawl into spring temperatures and boosted the camaraderie. So we asked Nik and Caleb if the scrimmages in the nice Florida weather helped the Wolves come out on fire.

“Oh 100 percent I mean like, as you can see I mean even today it’s like cold windy like the weather hasn’t been great here so to get all that time and practice down in Florida was, it was crucial and it was really helpful, especially in that first game and I’m hoping in our games to come,” said Nik.

“Yeah that was definitely huge cause like I said we were in the gym a lot and being on the field there’s nothing better than that and we had great team bonding, good just to get outside and play it was amazing,” said Caleb.

The schedule for the trip helped the team prepare for what will be a grueling season back here in Mid-Michigan and from the players’ perspective, it was exactly what they needed.

“That’s a lot of team bonding with like seven-hour practices, three hours in the morning, three…three and a half in the afternoon we all got to know each other pretty well and I think that was really helpful in terms of team chemistry and I think it really showed in our first game because we were hitting the ball really well we were all cheering for each other,” said Nik.

“It’s more of a team thing once you get your team rolling everyone starts to get more confident and everyone just goes off of each other and that’s when everyone has success,” said Caleb.