LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It’s been 10 years since Annastasha Trevino walked the halls of Sexton High School as a student. Now, she walks them as a mentor.

She works as a Student Support Coordinator for Communities in Schools, a non profit that helps students succeed in the classroom.

Annastasha first started as a volunteer at Sexton, but was quickly promoted to her position with Communities in Schools.

That’s something Annastasha said she struggled with growing up.

“I was definitely troubled. I had a lot of different things I was trying to balance in high school,” Annastasha said.

She dropped out of Sexton her senior year. Annastasha said her family moved around a lot. By 18-years-old, she had already lived in 10 different homes.

She was constantly kicked out of school.

“There was a time when I ended up getting in a different fight and I got arrested right there. I was confused and probably angry,” Annastasha said.

Her family eventually ended up homeless. Annastasha moved to Chicago to stay with her aunt and finish high school. When she came back to Lansing, she focused more on her passion for hair.

After years of building up her clientele, in the middle of the pandemic, Annastasha started her own salon and spa business, Bella Vita.

“A beautiful life experience, that’s what we call it. That’s what ‘Bella Vita’ means in Italian. Beautiful life,” Annastasha said.

She said her business was one of the biggest accomplishments of her life, but she was looking for something more. So, Annastasha returned to the school she left.

She provides a safe space for students at Sexton, gives them academic support and makes sure they have basic needs.

“Clothes, coats, food, hats, shoes. We keep those things stocked up,” Annastasha said.

The words “Grind, Hustle, and Execution,” hang on her classroom wall. They’re words Annastasha instills in her students because they’re words she’s lived by.

Annastasha didn’t have a traditional upbringing, but she’s grateful it brought her to where she is.

“Coming from that, the homelessness and all the things that I went through in between being here now, I feel like it was purposeful,” Annastasha said.

Now that she’s here, she said she wouldn’t change one bit of her story.

“I love who I’ve grown into and all of the lessons I’ve learned in these journeys definitely has shown me more and more my true self,” Annastasha said.

Annastasha’s business, Bella Vita, is currently going through a transformation. Her team will now be moving to another location, where they’ll each have individual suites to work on their own salon business.

She says she’s grateful to have taught the ladies on her team how to be a business owner, and is excited to see where they each take their businesses.