Are you tired of wasting time and money with unqualified workers, unproductive staff, and turnover? Of not knowing where to turn for semi-skilled and highly-skilled manufacturing employees?

ResourceMFG is your answer. 

ResourceMFG is the first and the largest national staffing company to specialize in manufacturing.  We’re dedicated to getting good people good jobs. We recruit and screen for more than 200 manufacturing-specific skills and have more than 30 proprietary screening tools.

We know manufacturing. It’s all we do.

Our recruiters are trained professionals, most with years of experience and a high degree of local knowledge. And everyone who joins ResourceMFG has to be internally certified in two areas. The first is the basic skill sets common to all manufacturing environments. The second is in manufacturing safety and includes many OSHA standards and procedures.

The result?

A thorough recruiting, screening and qualifications process that ensures the right candidates for you. And mandatory safety orientations for all candidates that provide insights into manufacturing safety issues, reducing on-the-job injuries.

We recruit for all hiring options: temp-to-hire, direct hire, and long-term contracts. And, for all but direct hires, ResourceMFG workers are on assignment through our company. This means that we handle payroll, benefits, unemployment claims and workers compensation, saving you time and money, minimizing your liability, and allowing you the flexibility to adjust your workforce as needed.

And because we use lean processes within our own company, we are highly attuned to and aligned with your own lean journey

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