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Which flannel hoodie is best?

It’s that time of year to build bonfires and roast marshmallows with friends in the cool brisk air. An absolute necessity is a warm and cozy flannel hoodie that retains heat and evokes style. If you’re looking for a quality flannel hoodie, the Legendary Whitetails Men’s Flannel Shirt Jacket and ThCreasa Women’s Fleece Lined Flannel Hoodie are the top selections.

What to know before you buy a flannel hoodie

In addition to being practical, flannel hoodies play a stylish role in fall fashion for everyone. However, it is key to know a few details about flannel hoodies and how you plan to use them before buying.


Before making your purchase, whether online or in-store, you first want to keep in mind the type of fit you would like to have. Are you looking for a flannel hoodie that is fitting and trendy or something a bit looser for work around the house or outside? Be sure to check out the sizing charts and decide based on your measurements along with your preference of fit.


Before purchasing, take a look at the hoodie’s materials. An important factor is that the hoodie or shirt is lined with soft fabric on the inside because flannel can often feel itchy next to the skin.


Because there are various flannel hoodies, some are heavier than others. Try basing your decision on the typical weather of your geographical region or where you plan on going if traveling. In many places, fall and winter are cold, rainy or the air is damp, which you will need a material that stays the driest.

What to look for in a quality flannel hoodie

Flannel hoodies are great because they are flexible and great for work outdoors, unlike stiff jackets.


A quality flannel hoodie will be lined internally with soft material such as sherpa to keep the skin from becoming irritated. Many quality flannel hoodies also have a quilted-down lining on the inside or outside to repel rain and give protection from wind.


If you seek a quality flannel hoodie that will provide warmth, not just style, look into how thick the hoodie is. Unless you’re planning to layer thoroughly, you will most likely need a flannel hoodie with thick material, nothing too thin or flimsy. 


Another element of quality flannel hoodies includes the ability to stretch. Many regular jackets are warm but too confining to move around in. Quality flannel hoodies are breathable and stretchy enough to work outside, whether that means chopping firewood, hanging up holiday lights or building projects for fun. 

How much you can expect to spend on a flannel hoodie

Depending on the brand, most flannel hoodies’ prices are based on the materials used, thickness and durability to provide warmth and withstand weather and style. For a light-weight flannel hoodie shirt, prices are as low as $20-$30. 

In contrast, sherpa or berber lined flannel hoodie shirts are often $60-$100. However, for a flannel hoodie jacket, the cost is the highest, usually ranging from $100-$200.

Flannel hoodie FAQ

What should I wear with a flannel hoodie?

A. Flannel hoodies pair well with V-neck or crew-cut T-shirts, knitted long-sleeved shirts underneath, along with jeans, boots, booties or moccasins. For women’s flannel hoodie dresses, leggings or tights with boots offer a trendy and festive look.

How should I wash a flannel hoodie?

A. Many are often machine washable, but check the label for instructions before washing.

What are the best flannel hoodies to buy?

Top flannel hoodie for men

Legendary Whitetails Men's Flannel Shirt Jacket

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Flannel Shirt Jacket

What you need to know: Made with cotton and weather-resistant polyester, this flannel shirt jacket is soft yet durable for outdoor activity.

What you’ll love: Unlike many off-brands or sketchy online sites, this brand offers big and tall sizes and as well as accuracy so you can order the size that fits the best. It has front pockets for storage as well as elbow pads for durability.

What you should consider: The liner inside the sleeves does not reach full length, so be sure to wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top flannel hoodie for women

ThCreasa Women’s Fleece Lined Flannel Hoodie

ThCreasa Women’s Fleece Lined Flannel Hoodie

What you need to know: Designed as a sweatshirt, this flannel hoodie is soft and luxurious for festive, cozy days with family and friends.

What you’ll love: Lined with sherpa fleece, this flannel hoodie will keep you warm and free to move around with the flexibility it offers through the 100% polyester material. For quick use, the zipper allows for convenience in contrast to buttons.

What you should consider: For some, the length may be shorter than preferred. Some users had issues with the zipper.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top men’s flannel hoodie for the money

Wrangler Authentics Quilted Flannel Shirt Jacket

Wrangler Authentics Quilted Flannel Shirt Jacket

What you need to know: This shirt jacket is stylish, a good deal and perfect for layering under a heavier jacket.

What you’ll love: Quilted and lined, this is a warm and comfortable flannel hoodie shirt jacket for the beginning of fall. For colder months, it does well underneath heavier coats. It is available in many sizes and colors.

What you should consider: This option is mostly for layering, as it may be too lightweight by itself.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top women’s flannel hoodie for the money

Grace Karin Flannel With Pockets Hooded Jacket

Grace Karin Flannel With Pockets Hooded Jacket

What you need to know: This long flannel hoodie is designed similarly to a dress to offer a flair of femininity while still keeping an outdoorsy look.

What you’ll love: This button-down, flannel hoodie dress is made of a cotton and polyester blend for warmth, softness and stretch. It has pockets and comes in various colors, patterns and sizes.

What you should consider: The sleeves are often tighter and shorter than desired for many people. Try ordering a size up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Legendary Whitetails Women's Lumber Jane Hooded Flannel Shirt

Legendary Whitetails Women’s Lumber Jane Hooded Flannel Shirt

What you need to know: This flannel hoodie shirt is lightweight and breathable yet thick and durable.

What you’ll love: Produced by a trusted brand, this hoodie has two pockets with snap buttons, comfortable lining and comes in three color options. Perfect for layering with jersey knit long-sleeved shirts underneath and a heavy coat on top for cold days.

What you should consider: It runs small and easily shrinks, so be sure to grab the next size up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Legendary Whitetails Men's Maplewood Hooded Jacket

Legendary Whitetails Men’s Maplewood Hooded Jacket

What you need to know: This western-style hooded flannel shirt is versatile, as you can wear it inside and outside.

What you’ll love: Multi-purpose with a quaint, country look, this flannel hooded jacket shirt is well insulated and provides durability for activities such as hunting, fishing or hiking. It has snap buttons for easy on and off experience.

What you should consider: Though it has breast pockets, it does not have hand pockets.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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