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Which yellow bedsheets are best?

Whether you prefer a bright lemon yellow or a rich golden hue, a set of yellow bedsheets can brighten up any bedroom. Once you’ve decided on a shade, you’ll need to consider factors such as the weave, thread count and fabric to find the most comfortable sheets for you. For a luxurious night’s rest, you can’t go wrong with CGK Unlimited Queen-Size Sheet Set, which is made with soft, wrinkle-resistant brushed microfiber. 

What to know before you buy yellow bedsheets

Sheet type and sets

Most yellow bedsheets come in a set that includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and two or four matching pillowcases.

Fitted sheets are designed with elastic edges to fit around and protect the mattress from such things as lint, debris and sweat. They can also go over a mattress pad or protector.

Flat sheets go over the fitted sheet and provide an extra layer of comfort while sleeping. For warm-weather use, choose lightweight, breathable sheets that prevent overheating. For cooler temperatures, go with heavier or thicker ones to help keep you warm.

Some sets include a comforter, which is either solid or patterned but still matches the overall aesthetic of the sheets.

Thread count and weight

When it comes to bedsheets, there are three main measurements used to determine the quality, durability and overall softness of the sheet.

  • Thread count: This is the number of vertical and horizontal threads within the span of a square inch of fabric. Most sheets have a thread count between 200 and 800, but some luxury ones may have a thread count over 1,000. The best thread count depends on the fabric.
  • Momme: Used in silk sheets and pillowcases, momme determines the density of the material. The ideal momme weight is between 16 and 22.
  • Grams per square meter: This is the density or weight of the fabric per square meter as measured in grams. It ranges from around 30 to over 350. The lower the number, the lighter the fabric. For denser sheets, go with at least 150.


Weave consists of horizontal and vertical strands that are interlaced to produce a piece of fabric, such as sheets. It helps determine the overall quality and finish of the sheets. The most common types of weave are:

  • Plain: Durable and easy to produce, plain weave consists of threads woven into a square-like pattern. Linens with a plain weave are generally resistant to pilling and are structured and inexpensive.
  • Satin: With a satin weave, at least four horizontal threads go over a single vertical thread. This weave gives the fabric a soft, shiny texture and luxurious feel.
  • Twill: Characterized by a diagonal pattern, a twill weave takes the horizontal thread and weaves it over and then under at least one vertical thread. This type is common in sheets with higher thread counts. It’s also resistant to wrinkles and is durable.

What to look for in quality yellow bedsheets


Bedsheets come in different fabrics:

  • Polyester: Durable and resistant to stains, polyester maintains its shape well and is easy to clean. It’s not as breathable as cotton or other natural fibers, but it can keep you warm. The ideal thread count is 300-500.
  • Flannel: Best for cold weather, flannel wicks away moisture and is soft and warm. For heavier, warmer sheets, look for those with grams per square meter of at least 170.
  • Linen: Bacteria-resistant and absorbent, linen sheets are long-lasting. Although it’s less important with linen, look for sheets with a thread count between 100 and 140.
  • Cotton: Organic cotton sheets consist of natural fibers that are breathable to prevent you from overheating in summer. For a more luxurious option, go with Egyptian or Pima cotton with a 300-400 thread count.
  • Bamboo: A sustainable option, bamboo is soft, durable and breathable, meaning it can regulate your body temperature while you sleep. It also holds dye well and can be colored any shade of yellow. Quality bamboo bedsheets have a 300-500 thread count.
  • Tencel: This eco-friendly material comes from eucalyptus trees. It’s cool, lightweight and wicks away moisture. The recommended thread count is around 300-400.
  • Silk: Hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, silk is lightweight and breathable, making it a good choice for those who run hot while sleeping. It often has a luxurious texture but can tear easily or lose its softness when washed. Quality silk sheets should have a 20-25 momme.
  • Microfiber: Comfortable and soft, microfiber is great for people who sweat a lot while they sleep, as it wicks away moisture. The best microfiber bedsheets have 90-120 grams per square meter.

Shade of yellow

Yellow bedsheets come in many hues, including mustard or dijon, bumblebee, lemon, blonde and gold.

Since there are so many hue types, it’s a good idea to narrow it down based on the color scheme you already have in your bedroom.

For example, if you have a lot of bright colors such as blue, pink and white, a light yellow would pair well with them. Light tones such as blonde or lemon yellow can also give the space a more beachy aesthetic. If you have brown or green furniture pieces, walls or flooring, gold or mustard yellow can complement the room well.

Size and pockets

Bedsheets come in the same sizing options as mattresses, so be sure to choose ones that fit. The standard sizes are:

  • Twin: 38 by 75 inches
  • Full: 53 by 75 inches
  • Queen: 60 by 80 inches
  • King: 76 by 80 inches
  • California king: 72 by 84 inches

If you have a deep-pocket mattress, you need to get deep-pocket sheets to go with it. These sheets are usually fitted from 13-17 inches, but extra deep-pocket sheets are 18-25 inches. When in doubt, measure the height of your mattress to determine the correct size.

How much you can expect to spend on yellow bedsheets

A standard set of yellow bedsheets costs $10-$40. Some luxury options or those with a higher thread count can cost $60-$200.

Yellow bedsheets FAQ

How often should I wash my sheets?

A. Wash them once a week or so. If you have pets, allergies or sweat a lot while sleeping, clean them more often or as needed.

Do I need a larger sheet size if I have a mattress pad?

A. Mattress pads are generally no more than 3 inches thick, so you shouldn’t need to get larger sheets if you use one.

What are the best yellow bedsheets to buy?

Top yellow bedsheets

CGK Unlimited Queen-Size Sheet Set

CGK Unlimited Queen-Size Sheet Set

What you need to know: Made from high-quality brushed microfiber, this set of deep pocket yellow bedsheets is great for anyone who wants to add a splash of color to their bedroom.

What you’ll love: The set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and four pillowcases, all of which are resistant to wrinkles and pilling. They’re also breathable, durable and machine-washable. They fit up to a 16-inch deep mattress and come in seven sizes.

What you should consider: These sheets don’t help regulate body temperature well and can become too warm for hot sleepers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top yellow bedsheets for the money

Wrought Studio Nipote Ultra-Soft Microfiber Percale Sheet Set

Wrought Studio Nipote Ultra-Soft Microfiber Percale Sheet Set

What you need to know: Available in 33 colors including light yellow and gold, this set of microfiber and polyester sheets is comfortable, durable and soft.

What you’ll love: This set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two or four pillowcases, depending on the size. It comes in eight sizes, ranging from twin to California king. They’re resistant to wrinkles and pilling.

What you should consider: The sheets are a little thin, so they’re not the best for cold climates.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Worth checking out

Eider & Ivory Nemcova 1,500 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

Eider & Ivory Nemcova 1,500 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Sheet Set

What you need to know: These Egyptian cotton sheets have a 1,500 thread count that gives any bedroom a luxurious look and feel.

What you’ll love: Available in gold, this set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two matching pillowcases. It has a sateen weave and is cool, lightweight and breathable. They come in four sizes and can fit deep mattresses up to 18 inches.

What you should consider: They tend to shrink in the wash.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair


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