Steals and Deals: How to decorate your house for the holidays without breaking the bank


LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – The holiday steals and decorating tips from Dollar Tree, the 99 cent stores and other dollar chains are flooding social media.

So we created our own GMA Dollar Dash, sending two influencers on missions at their local stores earlier this year. Each had a paid partnership with Dollar General.

First up, Jen Jones, mother of four from outside of Chicago. Her mission: decorate her holiday table for $30 or less.

“[I] was really happy I wanted it to, you know… Have some sophistication but because I have four kids I wanted to keep it kid-friendly,” she said.

Jen got creative breaking apart tinsel branches to give a bright base, a pop of color with inexpensive ornaments, snowflakes cut out of lunch bags she bought for a buck, inexpensive candy canes in little envelopes folded from the same bags, and even rich red holiday plate chargers for only a dollar each.

Next up: Ivey Shelton, mother of three from Florida. Her challenge: buy and fill stockings for her husband and three kids.

Spending limit: $15 each.

Ivey says she was surprised at what she found

“It wasn’t just like trying to just fill it, it was actually things that I knew that they would enjoy,” she said.

And she says there were fun and practical gifts

She got bath salts, spa gloves, chapstick, chargers, puzzle books and candy

And her technique is so smart:

“I grabbed baskets that they actually sell there and I put them in the cart and then each person had their own basket, which helped me stay organized and on budget,” she said. “I honestly think I would have spent twice as much as I’d gone anywhere else, or a couple of different stores.”

Check out their displays in the video player above.

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