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Which Disney phone cases are best?

Your phone case is something you use every day. It also can say a lot about you by showing off what you love or giving people a sense of your personal style. A Disney phone case is a great way for fans to celebrate their love of all things Disney on an everyday basis. There are Disney phone cases available for every make and model of cell phone so everyone can find the phone case that’s perfect for their fandom. A great choice is the Otterbox Symmetry Series Disney Play at the Parks Phone Case.

What to know before you buy a Disney phone case

Disney phone case sizes

Disney phone cases come in a multitude of different sizes just like other phone cases. What makes this critical to know is that not every design is available for every phone. Some cases are only available for iPhone and not Android. Others are only available for the newer generations of the iPhone. Some designs may even have separate product listings for different sizes. Be sure to read the full product description to confirm that your ideal Disney phone case fits your phone.

Lots of knockoffs

The worldwide popularity of Disney means that there are hundreds of unlicensed Disney phone cases on the market. Even major retailers will show knockoff phone cases in search results. One easy way to avoid these unofficial products is to look for a recognizable brand name. Many knockoffs are made by companies with obscure names. Another way to protect yourself is to read product descriptions, as these will often be written poorly if it’s a knockoff product.

Disney vs. Disney Parks

Disney fans know that there’s Disney merchandise and then there’s merchandise specifically tied in to the Disney theme parks. That includes Disney phone cases. There are a handful of phone cases that are themed for Disneyland or Walt Disney World with designs related to the theme parks. They also typically have the theme park name displayed on the case. Be aware of this if you’re not interested in having a case that says “Walt Disney World” or “Disneyland” on it.

What to look for in a quality Disney phone case


The primary purpose of a phone case is to protect your phone from damage. A quality Disney phone case needs to be sturdy enough that it will withstand your phone being dropped, knocked off a table or desk, or potentially even thrown or stepped on. Look for a Disney phone case that’s made out of a durable material such as plastic. You should also check out pictures to make sure the case is reasonably thick. Thin phone cases are more liable to crack or break easily.

Build quality

Dropping your phone isn’t the only concern when it comes to buying a phone case. It also has to be built well. A Disney phone case that doesn’t quite fit or isn’t assembled right makes your phone more susceptible to other types of problems, like dust, dirt or even liquids getting into the phone and potentially rendering it unusable. Take a close look at all the product images provided to see how the case is constructed before purchasing.

Print quality

Most phone cases are made by printing the illustration on the back of the case. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes the image comes out blurry or colors are sloppy. This is never good but it’s particularly bad with a Disney phone case because Disney is all about bright colors and larger-than-life characters. Look at pictures to check the image quality and read reviews to see if the product actually matches up with what’s advertised. It’s also worth checking your Disney phone case when it’s delivered to ensure that it was printed correctly as some can be shipped defective.

How much you can expect to spend on a Disney phone case

Disney phone cases are available for anywhere from $20-$60, with many of them on the upper end of that range.

Disney phone case FAQ

What is the most popular Disney phone case?

A. There are Disney phone cases for many of the popular Disney movies and characters. The most commonly appearing character is also Disney’s most well-known character: Mickey Mouse. There are multiple Disney phone case designs that feature Mickey, and he also appears in several group designs with other characters.

Is there a Disney phone case for kids?

A. Not specifically. Though Disney is a very kid-friendly, brand there have not yet been Disney phone cases specifically designed to appeal to younger cell phone users or for the additional wear and tear kids may put on a phone. However, most Disney phone case designs will appeal to a younger audience because of the familiar characters, so any case should work for Disney fans, regardless of age. 

What’s the best Disney phone case to buy?

Top Disney phone case

Otterbox Symmetry Series Disney Play at the Parks Phone Case

Otterbox Symmetry Series Disney Play at the Parks Phone Case

What you need to know: This Disney phone case features all the classic Disney characters as they celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

What you’ll love: The phone case features all the most well-known Disney characters, including Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Donald Duck, Goofy and Chip and Dale. It has a great print with plenty of color and fun additional details, like fireworks and stars, in the background. The image covers most of the phone case.

What you should consider: The case was designed for Walt Disney World, so fans who haven’t been there may not find this as appealing. It’s also more expensive than other Disney phone cases.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Disney phone case for the money

Otterbox Symmetry Series Disney Mickey Stride Phone Case

Otterbox Symmetry Series Disney Mickey Stride Phone Case

What you need to know: Longtime Disney fans will fall in love with this simple phone case that puts Mickey Mouse front and center.

What you’ll love: This phone case features a large, instantly recognizable image of Mickey Mouse. Parts of the design wrap around the sides of the case to give it a three-dimensional feel. This case is an excellent choice if you want a Disney-themed design that doesn’t call as much attention to your phone.

What you should consider: The grey background may make this phone case less visually appealing than other choices. It doesn’t have any details or design features other than the Mickey image.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Otterbox Symmetry Series Disney Cinderella Castle Phone Case

Otterbox Symmetry Series Disney Cinderella Castle Phone Case

What you need to know: Disney enthusiasts looking for a stylish phone case will enjoy this well-designed entry that features one of Disney’s best-known landmarks.

What you’ll love: The image of Cinderella Castle boasts incredible detail, down to individual bricks visible on the castle and different textures on the turrets. The case includes bumpers to help protect against damage. The silver borders complement the design and go well just about anything else. The words “Walt Disney World” are prominently featured at the bottom of the case.

What you should consider: The illustration has only minimal color, so it’s not a great choice for people who want their phone cases to stand out. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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