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Which computer monitor with a camera is best? 

Remote work got a huge boost during the global pandemic, and many people have realized that it can be beneficial to continue working from home or other distant locations. Just because you are out of the office doesn’t mean that the video calls or online meetings stopped.

You could use your mobile phone’s camera for video conferences, but that presents challenges. If you work on a desktop computer or a laptop, the best solution is to get a monitor with a webcam built into the frame. The Dell 27-Inch 75-Hertz Video Conferencing Monitor is a good option, as it has a high-resolution camera with additional privacy features.

What to know before you buy a computer monitor with a camera

The monitor’s size  

A computer monitor, whether you are using it for work or video games, must be the appropriate size for your activities. Too small a display, and you won’t see any details clearly. On the other hand, a monitor that’s too large will take up more space than necessary. A good size for a monitor, especially if you buy it for the built-in camera, is 24 to 27 inches.

Multiple connection methods

In the early days of computers, most had one standard connection method. But today, there are many ways to connect your monitor to your PC, and you may want to use the monitor with different computers. Therefore, it will be beneficial if the monitor incorporates the various connection types, such as HDMI, DisplayPort or VGA.

And before you buy a monitor, check which connection methods your PC’s graphics card supports or what is available on your laptop.

The camera is for more than just meetings

You might be looking at a built-in camera for video conferencing or online meetings, but it can be used for much more. If your camera’s resolution is high enough, you can also record your own video on it, or create content for YouTube without having an expensive vlogging setup.

What to look for in a quality computer monitor with a camera

High-resolution camera

If you buy a monitor specifically for the camera, you must ensure that it is of good quality. There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars on it otherwise. A good-quality camera in a monitor should, at a bare minimum, be full HD with a resolution of 1080p. Also, keep in mind that a higher resolution requires a faster internet connection, as the transmission data is larger. With most camera software it is possible to limit the broadcasting resolution.  

Tilting and swivel features

All humans are different, so hardly anyone is perfectly framed the first time they sit in front of the camera. You can make adjustments to the monitor for a better viewing angle, but to get the framing right, the camera must also be adjustable. So, a good-quality built-in camera can tilt up and down and swivel from side to side. This comes in handy when your seating arrangements change. 

Built-in speakers

You probably want to look your best when sitting down for an online meeting, but bulky headphones can quickly ruin your style. To get around that, a good-quality monitor has built-in speakers so you don’t need to use headphones or earbuds. You don’t need to worry about reverb, though, as the monitors are engineered to listen for your voice and temporarily mute the speakers to prevent feedback.

How much you can expect to spend on a computer monitor with a camera

The price depends largely on the monitor’s size and the camera’s capabilities. A small monitor with a lower-quality webcam costs $100-$150, while a large monitor with a high-definition camera retails for $200-$300.

Computer monitor with camera FAQ

Do the cameras have privacy features?

A. Some do. For example, some have a slider that closes the lens, while others only pop out when you are in an active call.

Is there any difference between a regular monitor and one with a camera?

A. No, they are essentially the same device and are used just like a regular monitor. The only difference is that one has a camera built in and the other doesn’t.

What’s the best computer monitor with a camera to buy?

Top computer monitor with a camera

Dell S2722DZ 27-Inch QHD 75-HertzVideo Conferencing Monitor

Dell S2722DZ 27-Inch QHD 75-HertzVideo Conferencing Monitor

What you need to know: This monitor has a visual-smoothing refresh rate of 75 hertz and a Quad HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (2K).

What you’ll love: The built-in 5-megapixel webcam only pops up when you are ready for your meeting and the infrared technology lets you also unlock your Windows computer. The monitor has two five-watt speakers. 

What you should consider: The camera can’t tilt or swivel. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top computer monitor with a camera for the money

Acer CB242Y Full HD Frameless Monitor

Acer CB242Y Full HD Frameless Monitor

What you need to know: This 24-inch monitor has a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and an extremely thin bezel around three sides of the display.

What you’ll love: The adjustable camera also has a Full HD resolution for capturing video and is certified to work with Windows Hello. The camera has a built-in microphone and a privacy slider that covers the lens.

What you should consider: The webcam’s adjustability is limited.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

ASUS 27-Inch 1080P Video Conference Monitor

ASUS 27-Inch 1080P Video Conference Monitor

What you need to know: The monitor has a Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution, built-in speakers and two types of connectivity. 

What you’ll love: At the top of the 27-inch monitor are the built-in webcam and microphone that can broadcast in high definition. You don’t need to adjust the monitor, as the camera can swivel 180 degrees and tilt 10 degrees in either direction. There is also a privacy slider that covers the lens when the camera isn’t used.

What you should consider: One of the USB ports on the back of the monitor is needed for the webcam.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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