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Is the Fitbit Inspire or Fitbit Charge best? 

For users looking for a better way to motivate themselves to be active, a fitness wristband is a great option. Fitness wristbands offer valuable health data and prompt users to get moving if they haven’t reached their fitness goals for the day. One of the most popular brands for fitness wristbands is Fitbit. Fitbit has several different types of fitness wristbands that each come with different features and at different price points. The Fitbit Inspire and the Fitbit Charge both offer unique options. 

The Fitbit Inspire comes in a smaller frame and has a more affordable price point, while the Fitbit Charge allows for additional apps and interface options but costs slightly more. 

Fitbit Inspire

The Fitbit Inspire is a fitness tracking device built to help users keep track of their steps, manage activity levels and monitor their heart rate. The device fits nicely on the wrist and also provides users with the time and some sleep data if they choose to wear it to bed. The Inspire can be paired to a smartphone to transfer health data as well as receive notifications. 

Fitbit Inspire pros

The biggest advantages that the Fitbit Inspire holds come down to size and capability. The Fitbit Inspire has a more slender build that makes it lighter and more comfortable to wear on the wrist. This results in it having a smaller display as well, helping the product boast an impressive 10-day battery life, which is markedly longer than the Charge. 

While the Fitbit Inspire has slightly less built-in features, it’s still equipped with every basic fitness tracking measurement and provides heart rate monitoring, female health trackers, sleep monitoring and of course, activity level and step tracking. 

Furthermore, due to the slimmer size and more basic health tracking tools, the Fitbit Inspire costs less than the Fitbit Charge. For users who are looking for a simpler, more affordable Fitbit, the Inspire is solidly the right option. 

Fitbit Inspire cons

Where the Fitbit Inspire falls short is in additional features. Unlike higher-end Fitbit models like the Charge, the Fitbit Inspire doesn’t come with Fitbit Pay, where users can just tap their wristband to pay for everyday items, or music streaming app Spotify. As a result, the Fitbit Inspire doesn’t exceed beyond being a fitness tracker, while the Fitbit Charge could be considered a fitness-focused smartwatch. The Fitbit Inspire also doesn’t come with GPS capabilities, which can be particularly detrimental for campers and hikers. 

Further, the smaller display means there’s less in-depth health information being shown on screen at any given time. For users with poor eyesight, the smaller display may be slightly more difficult to read. 

Best Fitbit Inspire products

Fitbit Inspire 2

The newest model available is the Fitbit Inspire 2. The Fitbit Inspire 2 is the next generation of the device. It’s built with a sleeker, more simplified design that’s both more comfortable on the wrist and easier to use.


Fitbit Inspire

The company still sells the first generation Fitbit Inspire as well. While not quite as versatile or well-designed as the Inspire 2, the product still serves as a high-quality fitness tracker that more than covers its cost. 

Fitbit Charge

The Fitbit Charge is a higher-end fitness tracker from the company that, on top of all the basic fitness tracking options, provides a host of additional apps and features. The fitness tracker comes with a larger display and a unique design that can match more formal outfits. Like the Inspire, the Fitbit Charge can also be paired with a smartphone but can do more than just link health data and receive basic notifications. 

Fitbit Charge pros

The Fitbit Charge shows its most significant advantages when it comes to versatility. With several onboard features such as Fitbit Pay and Spotify, the wristband can serve users in a higher capacity than simply tracking fitness data. 

For hikers and campers, the onboard GPS allows the wristband to help navigate new areas easily. The Fitbit Charge also comes with a new “Smart Wake” feature that measures the optimal times to sleep and rise that won’t interrupt REM cycles.

Furthermore, the Fitbit charge has a larger OLED display that can provide more in-depth fitness measurements right on the screen. This is better to control music or use the GPS features. 

Fitbit Charge cons

With a larger screen and more always-on features, the Fitbit Charge simply doesn’t hold the same level of charge over time that the Fitbit Inspire does. In fact, the Fitbit Charge needs to be recharged up to 3 days earlier than its counterpart. The larger display means that the wristband is slightly heavier as well. 

Despite having a lower battery capacity, the Fitbit Charge also costs markedly more than the Fitbit Inspire. This may make the device too expensive for potential buyers who are trying to remain on a budget. 

Best Fitbit Charge products

Fitbit Charge 5

The latest model released by Fitbit is the Fitbit Charge 5. The Fitbit Charge 5 has a smoother design that’s meant to be more comfortable on the wrist of the user. The product also has a brighter and more colorful display.


Fitbit Charge 4

The previous model, the Fitbit Charge 4, is a fine option for users looking to spend a bit less on the higher-end Fitbit. The fitness tracker has a sharper, more modern design that will blend better with more formal outfits.

Should you get a Fitbit Inspire or Fitbit Charge?

Choosing between a Fitbit Inspire and a Fitbit Charge really comes down to one major question: do you want a high-quality fitness tracker or a fitness-focused smartwatch? 

For users who are simply looking for a fitness tracker sold at a reasonable price while still offering all the basic features, the Fitbit Inspire is the right option. For those who are looking for a fitness tracker that can do more than simply measure various health data, the Fitbit Charge is the answer. 

When weighing the price points, features and capabilities of each device, the Fitbit Charge is far more worth buying in the long run if you can afford to pay a little extra up front. 


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