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Which Uncommon Goods vase is best?

A bouquet of flowers, either purchased at the florist or hand-picked from a field, is a beautiful way to tell someone you’re thinking of them. They’re also a lovely present to give yourself at the end of a long week. When you need a beautiful vase to highlight the flowers, Uncommon Goods has unique options. 

If you are looking for a romantic, timeless way to commemorate a special occasion, the Personalized Faux Bois Vase is an excellent choice. This substantial, keepsake-quality ceramic vase is personalized with your choice of initials that appear to be carved into a tree’s trunk.

What to know before you buy an Uncommon Goods vase

Vase size

A beautiful vase can highlight even the humblest bouquet, but it needs to be the right size. Uncommon Goods creates the perfect size vase for everything from a single delicate flower to an armful of roses. 

Vase material

Uncommon Goods give artists free rein to create with their chosen material. They offer vases in:

  • Hand-blown glass
  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Molded glass
  • Upcycled bottles


The accessories you choose for your home provide the finishing touches to your personal style. A vase is no different. Uncommon Goods has options with distinctive flair or for use as a subtle accent.  

What to look for in a quality Uncommon Goods vase


Many Uncommon Goods vases are available with personalization. This makes them excellent gifts for marking anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions. 

Handmade quality

Uncommon Goods is modeled on the idea of the crafts fair and is dedicated to bringing the handmade work of artisans and craftspeople to a wider audience. If supporting artists matters to you, look for the artist’s bio to see who made your vase. 

Traditional and modern shapes

No matter what your style, Uncommon Goods has a vase to fit it. From traditional jug-shaped vases to letters and tiny dangling hearts that hold a delicate spray of roses, you’ll find something that complements your decor. 

Recycled, upcycled and repurposed materials

Uncommon Goods is committed to the community and environment. In addition to supporting artists in their work, they highlight those that use recycled, upcycled and repurposed materials. While not all pieces are made from these materials, there are plenty of options if this is an important feature for you.

Wish lists

Are you registering for a wedding, baby shower or other momentous occasion? Uncommon Goods lets you create a wish list to share with friends and family who will celebrate with you. 

How to create the perfect vase arrangement

  • Select bright flowers to highlight.
  • Add contrasting colors and different textures for more movement in the arrangement.
  • Remove all leaves below the water line. This keeps the water clean longer.
  • Cut stems on the diagonal to allow flowers to soak up more water.
  • Fill the vase halfway with water. Using plant food, add it now and stir until it is dissolved. 
  • Add simple green base leaves if your arrangement is large to create a lush bouquet that showcases the flowers.  Crisscross the stems below the water line. If using a smaller vase, leave out any additional greenery or fill. 
  • Add the main flowers first, then place contrasting colors and different textured stems.
  • Step back and view the arrangement from a variety of angles to make sure it is balanced. 
  • Change the water every three days to keep the flowers fresh longer.

How much you can expect to spend on an Uncommon Goods vase

Depending on the size, the design and the personalization options, expect to spend $20-$185.

Uncommon Goods vase FAQ

Does Uncommon Goods offer rush service?

A. In some cases, Uncommon Goods can accommodate last-minute gifts. However, for handmade or personalized items, it generally is not possible to rush perfection. If you have a particular date in mind, contact Uncommon Goods for help determining which gift is the best for a timely delivery.

Are Uncommon Perks worth it?

A. Uncommon Perks is the annual membership option that gives you free standard shipping on every order, plus it doubles your donation to charitable organizations. This can save you money and increase the good you do in the world. If you’re unsure about it, Uncommon Goods offers a two-week free trial.

What’s the best Uncommon Goods vase to buy?

Top Uncommon Goods vase

Personalized Faux Bois Vase

Personalized Faux Bois Vase

What you need to know: This is a heavy and well-made romantic vase.

What you’ll love: Handmade to be unique, it is made of ceramic clay and can be personalized. Designed to resemble a tree trunk, it mimics the tradition of carving a loved one’s name as a remembrance. It measures 7.5 inches tall by 3.5 inches wide.

What you should consider: It holds a medium-sized bouquet of flowers.

Where to buy: Sold by Uncommon Goods

Top Uncommon Goods vase for the money

Mom's Little Vase

Mom’s Little Vase

What you need to know: This handmade bud vase highlights a single perfect stem. 

What you’ll love: It’s just 2.7 inches tall and less than 2 inches at its widest.  The vase is blown glass by an artist based in Rhode Island, and each piece is unique.

What you should consider: You need to order well ahead of time. Due to the handcrafted nature of this piece, it can take up to a month for shipping.

Where to buy: Sold by Uncommon Goods

Worth checking out

Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

Personalized Champagne Wedding Vase

What you need to know: This vase is the perfect way to mark a wedding date.

What you’ll love: It’s an empty champagne bottle engraved with the name of the couple, the date they were married and the location of the ceremony. It holds a large floral bouquet. The bottle is recycled and measures 8 inches by 3.5 inches.

What you should consider: The bottle has been altered, so trimming longer flowers may be necessary.

Where to buy: Sold by Uncommon Goods


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