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Which Batman toy is the best?

He goes by many names, from the Caped Crusader to the Dark Knight. However you refer to him, Batman has long been and continues to be one of the most popular and iconic superheroes ever created. 

Introduced in 1939 in Detective Comics #27, Batman has found fame in print, on TV, in films and across pop culture. Batman, along with his friends and foes, populates a range of toys as well, including this elaborate LEGO DC 1989 Batmobile set. Batman toys are made for all ages: the choices are many, so it’s important to be prepared when seeking the best Batman toy.

What to know before you buy a Batman toy

Toy type

Toys are wide-ranging in form. Some youngsters may want a variety of action figures with which to play that will need to be able to withstand lots of activity over time, while others may want plush options with which to curl up.

Batman occupies video games, board games, trading cards and a variety of comic books. Some kids may embrace role-playing as well, desiring to dress up as Batman and wield toy versions of weapons and gadgets that he employs.

Specifically, LEGO offers a range of builds inspired by Batman and his contemporaries, with smaller sets aimed at youngsters and large, comprehensive builds for teens and adults. LEGO sets will come with popular minifigs inspired after Batman and many others. You can get more information about the best Batman toys in the BestReviews buying guide. 


Batman’s world involves a wide range of notable characters. The Joker, Harley Quinn, Robin and Catwoman are among the more beloved characters who populate the fictional city of Gotham. 

As Batman is a founding member of the Justice League, some toy sets may include fellow heroes Superman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. Batman is a character from DC comics, which means that notable Marvel superheroes, like Spider-Man and Iron Man, are not involved in the goings-on of Batman.


Toys will draw inspiration from various source materials, including comics, film and TV, which means it’s important, particularly for youngsters, to identify which version of Batman they prefer, if any. Batman from the ’60s TV series looks very different from Batman from recent films. Similarly, The Joker from the 1989 movie is quite divergent from movies of late.

What to look for in a quality Batman toy


One of the most popular subsets of Batman toys is collectible items. In general, these are detailed action figures that are designed for display only. Depending on how invested you are in maintaining condition, some users may want to play with them once in a while. Most of these will come with a stand or case so they can be proudly shown off.

Among the most popular types of collectibles are vinyl Funko Pop! figurines. These 4-inch figurines feature big eyes and a large head made from a uniform mold. There are dozens of vinyl Batman toys with different looks based on his many different costumes. All his friends and foes come in many different versions as well based on the source material. In some cases, a few different vinyl toys of the same character may be made from the same film.

Replay value

Replay value generally refers to video games or board games, but it can apply on the whole to toys in general. Those that offer high replay value are the opposite of collectibles; they welcome interactive play and allow for myriad creative situations every time you sit down to have fun. Action figures with several points of articulation and included accessories allow for repeated exciting play.

What’s more, you may want to seek out toys that are part of larger sets so that they can be seamlessly integrated. A pair of action figures, for example, may be only two of many similar designed options. Many LEGO sets can be integrated with one another for elaborate play.

How much you can expect to spend on a Batman toy

Most Batman toys cost between $15-$60. LEGO builds may run higher, while vinyl Funko toys are typically inexpensive. Video games, board games and cards vary but tend to fall in the middle.

Batman toy FAQ

Is Batman appropriate for youngsters?

A. Since there have been many iterations of Batman, there are stories geared for children and adults alike. Some versions of Batman are fun and campy, while others are violent and serious. For young children, they may embrace LEGO Batman, which boasts silly and colorful stories. 

As for the Batman himself, though he was born into wealth, he champions science, ingenuity and creativity in his heroism in general, which are positive traits that may appeal to children.

Where do I start if I’m buying the first Batman toy for a child?

A. Most children will embrace interactive play, so a good starting point is seeking out durable action figures, preferably some that come with accessories. You may want to buy something that is part of a larger world so that if your children enjoy the toy, they can welcome similar options for expanded play. Most children have a favorite character worth finding out.

What’s the best Batman toy to buy?

Top Batman toy

LEGO DC 1989 Batmobile

LEGO DC Batman 1989 Batmobile

What you need to know: This is a stunning build inspired by the 1989 Batman film that offers serious fans a satisfying project.

What you’ll love: With over 3,300 pieces, this is a massive LEGO build. The detailed Batmobile recreation includes movable parts, and the set features three minifigs, including the Joker.

What you should consider: It is expensive and time-consuming to construct.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Batman toy for the money

DC Comics 2-inch Collectibles

DC Comics 2-inch Collectibles

What you need to know: For the fan of classic collectibles, this set contains eight popular DC characters standing 2 inches in height.

What you’ll love: The set includes Harley Quinn, Clayface, Joker and two Batmans in action poses. It’s suitable for young kids and adult collectors and is a terrific value.

What you should consider: The characters lack articulation, leading to little replay value.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

DC Comics Batman and Killer Croc 12-Inch Figures

DC Comics Batman and Killer Croc 12-Inch Figures

What you need to know: These large, detailed action figures welcome those who want to interact with them as well as collectors.

What you’ll love: The set features 12-inch Batman and Killer Croc figurines with 11 points of articulation. It’s detailed in construction and includes a cloth Batman cape. The figurines easily stand on their own.

What you should consider: It’s a pricey investment for two action figures.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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