Sandy DePue

We have been in the construction business for over 25 years. We work with multiple builders through out the mid-Michigan area. We are in the business of helping people, cause home improvements, or building a new home, barn or any project that involves your home can be very stress full. It’s not something people don’t every day and you as the customer have a lot a stake. We will also help if it happens to be something out side of our realm of our expertise. Doing this for so many years we can point you in the right direction to someone you can trust and can help you with your project.

Over the last several years we have framed numerous homes for multiple builders, built some homes on our own start to finish, built pole barns, decks, additions, sunrooms and garages. We also do a multiple dirt work projects. Putting in new driveways, revamping old driveways, grading and clearing, prepping for yards and seeding.  WeDoItAll.