Five words/phrases that describe me: an extroverted- introvert, multi-cultural, goofy, self-proclaimed karaoke singer, world-traveler, perfectionist

Hometown: Houston, TX

Other places I’ve lived: Austin, TX, Meknes, Morocco and Syracuse, NY 

I graduated from: St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX and Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY

I’ve been doing what I do for: This is my first year professionally reporting!   

Most interesting assignment: A story on a man that lost over 400 lbs and completely changed his life around!

I have a knack for: painting 

I’m passionate about: my family, friends, and storytelling!

When I’m not reporting/anchoring, I’m: working out, meditating or binging Netflix!

Favorite place in mid-Michigan: Horrock’s 

What I love most about mid-Michigan: All the nature and the snow! Coming from Houston, TX, I didn’t see much of either. Now, I can’t get enough of it!

Fun fact/s: I’m trilingual-ish. I speak English, Spanish and Arabic.

Anything else you want viewers to know: Excited to be here for you! 

Where to connect with you: Facebook: /Twitter: @SarahAl_Shaikh/IG: @salshaikh