For more than 70-years Sinas Dramis Law Firm has had extensive experience advocating for the rights of injured Michigan residents.  Regardless of location, Sinas Dramis attorneys are equipped to take cases anywhere in the state, willing to come to you if necessary, and the firm has offices in LansingGrand RapidsKalamazoo, and Metro Detroit.

When it comes to Michigan’s auto no-fault laws, Sinas Dramis is considered the leading authority and our car accident attorneys are well educated to answer the many questions you may have following a crash. Following 2019 auto no-fault reform, now more than ever, if you’re seriously injured in a crash that wasn’t your fault, legal representation and lawsuits may be necessary to receive the compensation you deserve. Certain cases, like those involving semi-trucks or commercial vehicles, can be especially complex, and the Sinas Dramis semi-truck crash legal team will work together to assign the most knowledgeable attorney to different particulars of your case.

Other areas of expertise include:

Sinas Dramis focuses on excellence, integrity, and results when it comes to serving our clients. A client who retains one of our attorneys can expect a recognized leader who’s well educated in the vast changing landscape of personal injury, and who’s top priority protecting your legal rights. Clients can trust their attorney will provide a gold standard of communication and integrity when it comes to handling their case. When it comes to our results, our measurement of success is based on how our clients feel about their experience with our firm. While we always strive to obtain the best outcomes for those we represent, we want our clients to feel that they were taken care of and in the best hands given their situation.

“Steeped in integrity and honesty, Steve Sinas’ experience and result-driven work ethic guided us through a foreign landscape of legal battles. Since meeting Steve Sinas, we realize there are some amazing lawyers at Sinas Dramis, who go way above and beyond what we expected. We have felt true empathy and compassion through this whole experience, with Steve and his team. These interactions have positively shaped our new opinion of the law profession and lawyers themselves. We would highly recommend Steve Sinas to our family, friends, and you.” – Mike and Tara

“From the day of the motor vehicle accident to the settlement and agreement, Tom Sinas and his staff were there to explain the process, educate, and argue the case. I couldn’t be more satisfied. I would highly recommend this firm to solve your problem.”- Ed

I was involved in a terrible boating accident and was very hesitant to get an attorney involved. After meeting Brian McKenna and his partners, my wife and I felt very comfortable going ahead with their team and are happy we did. I truly believe that the work, presentation, and arguments Brian put together convinced the insurance company to [come to] a very fair settlement without going to court.  –Harry

We contacted Mr. Waldman a couple weeks after the accident after my wife and I realized we needed an expert to deal with the insurance companies, as I needed to concentrate on surgeries and healing. Bryan Waldman and his team stepped up and worked very diligently on our case for us. They were very compassionate and put our minds at ease during this hardship we were going through. Mr. Waldman and his team were able to get the compensation that were rightfully owed to us, and we would recommend the Sinas Dramis Law firm and Bryan Waldman to anyone that needs an excellent lawyer! – Randy

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Our dedication to the law expands beyond the courtroom, with several of our attorney’s often dedicating their time to educating the public of the law. Lansing car accident attorney Stephen Sinas is a consistent feature in WLAJ’s “In the Name of the Law,” attorney Bryan Waldman is a regular contributor to WLNS’s weekly “Legal Edge” segment, and Grand Rapids car accident lawyer Tom Sinas has a segment on a local news station called “Know the Law.” In each of these various segments, our attorneys cover legal topics that can affect Michigan residents every day.

Unfortunately, injuries happen, and at Sinas Dramis we strive to handle the complicated legal matters for you so that you can focus on your recovery. Anyone in need of a free consultation can contact Sinas Dramis Law Firm by clicking here.