LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Through a bi-partisan vote on the eve of the election, lawmakers and Governor Gretchen Whitmer are spending $1 billion on a variety of fronts.

But where are your tax dollars going?

Senator Jim Stamas, the GOP chair of the Senate budget committee, and Republican Speaker of the Michigan House Jason Wentworthhouse joined the Whitmer in pushing for a $1 billion budget bill.

Around $210 million will cover COVID-19 pay for state troopers, up to $5,500 for four-year college students and as much as $2000 for students attending trade schools.

But that’s not all.

There’s $7.5 million for mental health services for first responders and around $15 million for children moving out of foster care.

Rep. Steve johnson was one of about two dozen republicans who rejected the package, calling it immoral.

Despite Johnson’s thoughts, Democrat Senator Kevin Hertel Jr. believes this spending is good for taxpayers.

“This is a bipartisan deal this is not for one party or party rule,” said Hertel. “This is all of us working together in Lansing tiring to do the right thing.”

Former state rep and current political pundit Bill Ballenger explained why this is happening during the middle of a political campaign.

“They want to show they are spending money on behalf of good care for the people of Michigan,” said Ballenger. “It’s all good for Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and it will be good for some legislators in contested and swing districts where maybe they are fighting for their political lives.”

Be on the lookout for the governor to announce new industries coming to the state in Oct., which may be lured here by an $846 million incentive package that was also approved by the bipartisan legislature.