LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — For the first time in almost 40 years, Democrats have control of both the Michigan House and Senate.

Little did Governor Gretchen Whitmer know that when she spoke before midnight last night that she was in line for a surprise early Wednesday morning.

For weeks in Lansing, the betting money was the Senate Democrats would take control from the Republicans.

“I think we are definitely the favored caucus to take control of the Michigan Senate,” said Winnie Banks

Over in the GOP caucus in the Michigan House, the campaign chair predicted more than 56 votes to keep control.

Additionally, the first African-American speaker in Michigan history, Rep. Joe Tate.

For Whitmer, instead of groveling for GOP votes to pass her agenda, she theoretically can pass it without Republican votes. but not so fast.

When Democratic governor Jennifer Granholm got a house under Democratic control, she was quick to find out that Democrats being Democrats would not always give her what she wanted and it got ugly.

Meanwhile, legislative Republicans are licking their wounds and wondering if staying hooked up to the former president is a good strategy given the blue wave that swamped the Michigan GOP up and down the Tuesday ballot.