LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — When it comes to what Tudor Dixon and Governor Gretchen Whitmer are saying to win votes, there appears to be a major difference.

Gov. Whitmer is talking about all the good things she has done, while Dixon will focus on the negatives of Whitmer’s time as governor.

“I’m going to run on a record that has shown we can solve problems. We’ve gotten historic investments in public education,” said Whitmer. “You got cultural warriors and you’ve got someone who is a problem solver.”

One of the governor’s political platforms is protecting a woman’s right to an abortion.

Pollster Bernie Porn says the majority of voters, including independents, agree with the governor’s stance, which gives her a distinct advantage over Dixon, who is anti-abortion.

“So when you attack that for the governor in the state of Michigan, then independent voters, especially with support for Whitmer as she connects the dots, that makes it very difficult for Tudor Dixon to appeal to those independent voters,” said Porn.

While Republicans try to blame the President and Whitmer for inflation, the governor says she can’t solve that problem but she can ease the pain.

Porn contends the new Inflation Reduction Act will become part of the governor’s message.

“Trying to kill inflation by reducing costs for health care, by reducing costs for prescription drugs,” continued Porn. “These are all messages she can use in the campaign.”

The governor is using her messaging to point to those who claim the election was swiped from Donald Trump, and Tudor Dixon is among those people.

The polling suggests most voters are with the governor.

“66 percent of independent voters believe Biden won fair and square,” said Porn.

Porn goes on to say that when it comes to messaging, he believes that Whitmer has the edge.