LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Whether President Biden runs again or not, the National Democratic Party is taking a serious look at revamping the primary system.

Changing the primary system could alter the policy that allows Iowa and New Hampshire to dominate in the early primary, as candidates are often vying for that win.

Some Michigan Democrats are making their case as to why the Great Lakes State should go before Iowa and New Hampshire.

In addition to the Dems, two former chair-people for the Michigan GOP are urging Democrats to make Michigan a permanent battleground state for both candidate and media attention.

“The year Michigan was a battleground state presidential candidates on both sides pay attention and the years were are not, we are completely ignored,” said former MIGOP chair Saul Anuzis.

Critics argue Iowa is not diverse like Michigan with its manufacturing, farming and Great Lakes.

“We also have a very large minority population, religions, Jewish, Arab American, Eastern European, African American and Spanish,” continued Anuzis. “Michigan truly is a representative state. Michigan is America.”

Though the national GOP run by Michigan-born Ronna McDaniel shows no signs of joining in this primary realignment, Anuzis thinks his party should.

“This is a party rule issue but if I was still on the GOP national committee, I would encourage them to go early,” said Anuzis.

It isn’t the norm but on this one, the two Republicans agree with Gov. Whitmer on the potential change being good for the state.