LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — After a 10-year run on the state’s highest court, the chief justice of the Michigan Supreme Court surprised many by announcing she was retiring.

But what was the reason behind Cheif Judge Bridget McCormack’s decision?

Once you get a job on the high court, McCormack says that “people are really reluctant to give these jobs up.”

But this chief justice firmly believes that to diversity the court, experience on the bench should take a back seat to new blood.

Some suggest that the chief justice is leaving six years before her term is over to make sure Governor Gretchen Whitmer is able to make this appointment.

McCormack doesn’t understand that reasoning.

“I absolutely reject it,” continued McCormack.

McCormack will be reflecting on her last day later this year.

“It was a wonderful privilege and a great honor to have this opportunity to serve,” said McCormack.