LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It would have taken another $15 -$18 million to run the commercials, do the town hall meetings, and to send out five mass mailings for Perry Johnson to even have a chance at winning the gubernatorial election,

In the end, Perry Johnson had a 34% chance of winning.

Johnson said that that being a successful write-in candidate is difficult because the “state is so massive.”

The Republican’s wife’s objections also played their own role.

“She won this battle. Maybe I’ll win the next,” said Johnson.

As for endorsing fellow GOP party members, Johnson is unsure.

Despite the financial loss, Johnson is sure his $7 million investment was worth it.

“The experience was something cant explain. it was worth the $7 million,” Johnson said.

His next battle?

“Running for president is a great thing,” Johnson said.