LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — There is a new front-runner in the GOP race for governor: “undecided.”

With less than two weeks before the Aug. 2 primary, almost four out of ten voters in the state have not picked a candidate to face Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in the fall.

“It’s a toss-up, that’s for sure. A better description is it’s a big hunk or pile of mush,” said pollster Richard Czuba.

Tudor Dixon and Kevin Rinke are statistically tied.

Rinke has an 8-point lead with those who have already voted, but Dixon has a 14-point lead with absentee voters who have not voted.

In the Detroit area, Dixon has a 15-point lead, but Rinke has a three-point lead in the rest of the state giving him an edge over her.

“The majority of those voters vote from outstate Michigan,” said Czuba. “They don’t come from the metro region. Even in outstate though, this is a split decision. A four-way decision going on.”

Ryan Kelley and Garret Soldano are very much in this race and are only a few points behind the other two.

Both could win this thing based on election day voters.

“Those election day voters are swinging toward Kelley and Soldano,” said Czuba. “This is wide open at 38% undecided. That’s unheard of.”

Tudor Dixon has a 7-point lead with Donald Trump voters and therein lies the key to the outcome.

“Whatever Donald Trump decides to do, should he do it, it is going to decide who the nomination goes to,” said Czuba.

The bottom line? Any one of these four could win.

Meanwhile, Rev. Ralph Rebandt is not competitive with the other four, getting only 2% in the survey.