LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Guess who made a visit to the state capitol earlier this week?

A team of technicians from General Motors looking for a location inside the building to stage an important event.

The company has not formally announced its decision on the location of it’s new battery plant, but the company directed its technicians to check out rooms in the capitol where an announcement might be held.

That included the House Appropriations room, the House Speaker’s library and the first floor of the capitol.

The company wants the announcement to get world-wide attention via broadband and streaming.

But, the techs discovered that, despite some recent upgrades in the capitol, they were not sure any of these rooms would meet their demands.

So, they will also look at other possible locations downtown near the capitol.

GM CEO Mary Barra and Company President Mark Ruess will attend the event, assuming the plant is coming to this area, and the fact that they sent in the tech team certainly raises the expectations that Delta Township will be selected, but the company issued this statement:

“We have and will continue to work collaboratively with the legislature and governor on potential investments in Michigan.  We are not going to speculate on or show details about projects under consideration.”

The betting money in town is that the announcement will come before the end of this month.