LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — If James Craig wants to get on the ballot for the GOP primary on Aug. 2, he will have to convince the state’s highest court to help.

James Craig tried to launch his campaign last September, but from the start, the campaign was troubled.

Protestors surrounded the podium as Craig struggled to be heard announcing his run, blocking him from making his announcement.

“My name is James Craig and I’m running to be your Governor,” said Craig.

The State Appeals Court has ruled he did not turn in 15,000 valid petition signatures to actually get on the ballot.

The court also blocked Perry Johnson from putting millions of his own money into the race because he too failed to file enough valid signatures.

GOP Political Consultant Jamie Roe assesses the impact on the GOP race if these two remain off the ballot.

“James Craig had the highest name ID and the top standing in the polls and Perry Johnson had a lot of money so that’s two key players taken out,” said Roe.

The courts also tossed out the candidacy of Michael Markey for Governor, and candidate Donna Brandenburg is asking the Supreme Court to put her on the ballot.

Candidates Rinke, Dixon, Kelley, Soldano and Rebandt are in the running for the GOP primary Aug. 2.