LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — While drivers continue to gripe about gas prices, a recent poll reveals who drivers are blaming for the increase in fuel costs.

Over the years, whenever the price of gas went through the roof, drivers tended to blame big oil companies like Mobil, Sunoco, Shell and others for the inconvenient price flux.

In a new poll from Quinnipiac University, big oil companies finished third in the blame game, as only 24% of motorists think fuel companies are at fault.

You might think that the majority blame the war in Ukraine for high prices. Surprisingly, only 24% of drivers believe that.

A whopping 41% of drivers blame President Joe Biden’s economic policies for draining their pocketbooks at the pump.

If you break it down by political party:


  • 82% blame President Biden for gas prices
  • 7% of Republicans blame large oil companies


  • 41% of Democrats blame the war in Ukraine and large oil companies
  • 3% of Democrats blame President Biden for the increase


  • 39% of Independents blame President Biden
  • 23% of Independents blame large oil companies

But how much are higher gas prices impacting consumer behaviors?

Only 35% are cutting back on food to pay for gas, and only 30% are dialing back on summer vacations.
And finally, 60% of people are bothered by the higher prices but doing nothing about it.