LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — In the wake of the recent SCOTUS decisions, Governor Gretchen Whitmer is saying that some revelations that have come out of the Supreme Court are “very troubling.”

Though Whitmer has not endorsed any changes, she is open to looking into a few different things.

“Whether it’s term limits or something else or is it holding justices whose spouses may have participated in an illegal activity accountable,” said Whitmer. “I’m not preciously sure what that needs to look like but I’m concerned about it.”

As a lawyer and former prosecutor, Whitmer reports she had confidence in the high court, but not anymore.

Whitmer concedes she has no vote on this but like others, she is worried about the impact of the rulings on her own daughters’ lives.

“I’m outraged on their behalf and every generation behind me who is going to pay the biggest price for this small group of people who have a political agenda taking away their rights and I’m worried about that,” said Whitmer.

To see more of Whitmer’s interview with Tim Skubick, watch the video in the player above.