LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Donald Trump supporters in Michigan may or may not be interested in the past record of Tudor Dixon’s lieutenant governor candidate Shane Hernandez, who supported Ted Cruz in 2016 and conceded that Donald Trump was not his first or second choice.

Hernandez called the Trump border wall “ridiculous” and took exception to Trump’s claims that Mexico was sending illegal “alien rapists” to the United States.

However, by 2020, Hernandez wanted to investigate voter fraud in Trump’s Michigan loss to Joe Biden.

But could those past comments move Trump delegates to the state convention this weekend to reject his nomination?

Tudor Dixon does not think her running mate has a Trump problem, and he does have something she lacks, and that’s four years of legislative experience.

Tudor Dixon has no legislative experience.

It seems as though Hernandez was not Dixon’s first choice. Philosophically, the two believe in bi-partisan cooperation while others in the GOP, such as former governor candidate Ryan Kelley think that is a bad idea.

“The House Republicans and Democrats were able to work quite well,” said Hernandez. “We built relationships.”

In the legislature, Hernandez opposed governor Whitmer’s 45 cent a gallon gas tax hike and was voted the most conservative House member in 2017.