LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Now that the Democrats have control of the Michigan legislature, some of them want to jam through a repeal of Right to Work.

Right to Work was enacted ten years ago by the GOP legislature, but is repealing it a good political move right off the bat?

It was a cold day in December ten years ago when organized labor was handed a major defeat when the GOP legislature enacted Right to Work.

Right to Work makes it illegal for unions to require union membership or dues and allows for non-union workers to receive union benefits.

Ever since then, Democrats have wanted to repeal Right to Work but Whitmer has not had the votes to do it.

Political consultant John Sellek suggests that would be a bad move right off the bat.

“The worst thing the Democrats could do when they take power and roll out bills in February is to put up bills like Right to Work, the kind of revenge legislation the Democrats have called it,” said Sellek.

The new Republican House leader Rep. Matt Hall warns if the governor hits his members with the Right to Work repeal now, it would help him “galvanize” his caucus against the governor. He advises against it.

“There are plenty of divisions within the Democratic caucus so they’re going to need Republican votes at some point, so kicking these folks right out of the gate is not a grand strategy,” said political consultant Adrian Hammond.

The new Democratic speaker Rep. Joe Tate apparently is in no hurry to repeal Right to Work. Whitmer is probably feeling the same way.