WLNS-CBS, WLAJ-ABC, and ELAJ-CW will feature four exclusive specials with the Spartan Band, Cheer & Dance Team, Sparty Mascot program, and Zeke the Wonder Dog. We will provide exclusive and close-up content, including a behind-the-scenes look and history of these beloved traditions.  

Viewing times on TV are below.  After they air on TV, they will also be available to stream from this page. 

WLNS-CBS Sept 16 7p-7:30p; WLAJ-ABC 7:30p-8p; ELAJ-CW September 17 12:30p-1p

Sparty #1 Mascot

MSU mascot “Sparty” is the #1 mascot in the nation. We’ll look into what Sparty activities are through the year and we talk with three former Spartys for their perspective on what it was like to be the #1 mascot in the country.

WLNS-CBS Sept 23 7p-7:30p; WLAJ-ABC 7:30p-8p; ELAJ-CW September 24 12:30p-1p

Spartan Spirit: Spartan Cheer & Dance Insider

We will give viewers an inside look at what it takes to be a on the squad and choreograph the stunning performances and physical feats of the Spartan Cheer & Dance Team.  A highlight at over 200 appearances per year, young and old alike enjoy the spirit squad.  This show will provide a big dose of cheer for all viewers, some who may rarely or never get to see them in person.  

WLNS-CBS Sept 30 7p-7:30p; WLAJ-ABC 7:30p-8p; ELAJ-CW October 1 12:30p-1p

The Wonderful Zeke the Wonder Dog

Zeke the Wonder Dog never fails to delight the crowd with Frisbee Dog Halftime entertainment, and between plays with the Spartan Marching Band and Sparty.   A unique tradition for our football games here at MSU, Football Coach Darryl Rogers once stated that Zeke was the “best receiver in the Big 10”.  The original Zeke the Wonder Dog was a yellow lab and runner-up in the world championship Frisbee competition in the late 1970s, and the tradition carries on today.  We will feature a bit of history, a few of the latest tricks from the current “Zeke” and share everything about the State’s most famous dog – from where he lives, to how he trains and even his favorite food, which grows on a tree.  We just can’t tell you his real name. 

WLNS-CBS Oct 7 7p-7:30p; WLAJ-ABC 7:30p-8p; ELAJ-CW October 8 12:30p-1p

We’re With the Band: The Magic Behind-the-Scenes of the Spartan Marching Band

We will take viewers behind-the-scenes of the amazing performances of the 300+ team of talented musicians and performers of the Spartan Marching Band.  We will also give viewers a unique taste of the magic of the music and extensive choreography that wows crowds and pumps up the fans for game-day. 

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