5th Quarter: Dave Akerly recalls beginnings of 5th Quarter

5th Quarter Sports

LANSING, Mich (WLNS) – We’re ready to roll out the 25th season of the 5th Quarter here on 6 Sports.

All season long we’ll commemorate the 25 years of this show.

As part of that celebration we invited several of the past contributors to this long-running Friday night staple to our studio this week.

Some of the past folks are living out of town but we’re going to be hearing from them too over the season.

In our midst this week were some of the pioneers of this show, including the show creator, and my predecessor as the Sports Director here at 6 News.

Dave Akerly shared with us his memory of this show’s concept 25 years ago.

“Ross Woodstock, who was the News Director at the time, was very supportive. He said what’s the format going to be you guys? And we said, oh we’ll have something really good, we had no idea,” recalls Akerly. “But we just thought if we could get the resources, and that meant people but first and foremost with the show it meant we had the cars and cameras that sports could use, because we had to ask nicely. And also 2-way radios, it’s no cell phone era so how far would our radios stretch so we could communicate and some nights that wasn’t very far and we had a budget of, Fred will recognize this: ZERO. So that’s where we started.”

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