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6 Sports Team of the Week: Grand Ledge Boys Basketball

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As senior Luke Smith hit the go ahead 3 with less than a minute to play last week, the Grand Ledge Comets knew they had done something no team had in nearly 3 years, defeat mighty East Lansing in the regular season.

“Honestly afterwards I couldn’t believe we did it” said senior Al McCready, who provided the assist on Smith’s 3 pointer. “I was so excited, that was one of the best feelings I have ever had, but before we were very confident going into the game, we knew we we’re gonna do what we do and not play according to them, stuck to our game plan, and it worked out well for us.” he continued.

The Comets have been riding a wave of momentum since their only loss of the season to Everett back in December, as the second half of the season approaches, coach Scott Lewis is keeping his expectations simple:

“Just stay focused, get better every day I mean I don’t wanna sound cliché but continue to get better, us personally, we don’t wanna get better plays, we wanna get better players.” said Lewis regarding his outlook for the rest of the year.

The Comets success so far this year can be traced to their 8 seniors, who cut their teeth last season during a down year, but most importantly, embody the definition of team.

“These kids all believe in each other, they come in and they work every day, uh ya know there is not one person on this team that we look to. There’s 14 kids on this team, and at any given time, any of them can step up and make a play for us.” added first year Comets assistant coach Jason Houghton.

Congratulations to the Grand Ledge Comets, our 6 Sports Team of the Week

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