EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Steve Finamore, the coach of the East Lansing boys basketball team, has resigned.

Finamore was in his eighth season as East Lansing’s coach, leaving his mark on the Trojans basketball program with a combined record of 62 and 4 with two consecutive CAAC Blue Titles with a chance at another one this year.

The suspension stems from an incident in the hallway of East Lansing High School. A parent of one of the East Lansing players approached Finamore and was upset about that players’ lack of playing time. Finamore objected to the parents’ timing of the complaint and when Athletic Director Tom Hunt interceded, he and Finamore got into a shouting match.

Finamore was then told he was suspended.

On Monday, Finamore announced his resignation.