Okemos’ Noah Pruitt, staying in sports one bounce or another

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The Okemos boys basketball team has been on a roll lately. Winning their last six games, sitting atop the CAAC Blue division and becoming closer as a team. One of the main reasons for their success comes from their leader, senior point guard Noah Pruitt.

“I just need to keep my head up and I need to make sure my teammates, they stay up especially my shooters. If they’re not hitting that night I’ll be like, ‘you just gotta keep shooting I’m gonna keep going, keep attacking and I’m just gonna keep dishing out to you guys,'” said Noah.

His teammates, including senior guard Ali Mousavi, appreciate his ability to find them on the court and lead them through tough moments.

“It’s amazing just in the locking room, last game one of our guys missed two threes and Noah’s just in the locker room as soon he comes in ‘Mitchy keep shooing, keep shooting you’re gonna get some.’ You know he’s just such a great leader, ” said Mousavi.

Head Coach Jeff Wonch, enjoys the two sides of Noah’s personality on and off the court.

“What’s really fun about Noah is that regardless of who he’s talking to he’s going to be completely respectful he’s going to be so nice and hen when you get on the court, you know he’s gonna come at you. He’s gonna be toe to toe, nose to nose two inches from the other team’s point guard for the entire court and he’s gonna do it all game,” said Coach Wonch.

Noah, like all of us, knows the time to stop playing basketball is part of an athlete’s career. When it comes to having a career after playing he’s undecided on what he’ll major in during college. But whatever he chooses, it will definitely be somewhere in the sports world.

“I’ve always had an interest in like the bones and being able to crack backs and like getting people right. I don’t know, I just like that and knowing what’s going on with people,” said Noah.

“Yeah I could visualize that, I could picture him doing that and definitely sports are going to be part of his life forever and that’s no doubt,” said Coach Wonch.

Those at the same level in life, are convinced Noah will always land on his feet.

“The thing is, with Noah he’ll just make anyone laugh like Noah’s such a fun person to be around and so I think anything he’ll go into he’s gonna be really good at ’cause he’s such a dedicated person,” said Mousavi.

The Chiefs will host the Grand Ledge Comets on Friday night at 7: 30 p.m.

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