Tom Izzo reflects on the Spartan season and what’s ahead

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What a season it was for Tom Izzo and his basketball team.

It all ended last weekend with a loss in the Final Four and today the Spartan head coach opened up now that he’s had time to reflect.  

And he had a lot to talk about.

He talked for about an hour and 45 minutes from start to finish.

No coach in America in any sport would hold court with the media for that time period after the season ended.

But that’s Tom Izzo, reflective indeed.

He said the Final Four experience was so beneficial, not only for his team but for the entire university, and that the Final Four appearance reached far beyond the sports circle.

Izzo said that two of his players who are not seniors, Cassius Winston and Nick Ward will look into the NBA draft and likely enter their names. But the rules have changed, you can do that now as a player and see where your stock is and still come back to school.

And he also said at 64-years-old he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

In the video above Izzo talks with reverence about what this team gave him and this community.

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