Coach Phil Magsig’s Former Players Grateful for his Guidance


Over the past 27 years, Okemos baseball coach Phil Magsig has guided his players to 503 career wins. One of the most successful teams during his tenure was the 2007 team who won 34 games including the coveted Diamond Classic.

With the announcement of Coach Magsig’s retirement, members of the 2007 team shared their first reactions when they heard the news. Including players who have known him their entire lives, like Coach’s oldest son Ben Magsig.

“Definitely bitter sweet for sure, he’s gonna be missed around here,” said Ben Magsig. “I think my brother and I will still come up here and try to help out as much as we can definitely bitter sweet.”

“Mixed feelings you know happy for him but sad for some of the other guys going through that won’t get to play for him,” said Anthony Schiro, Okemos outfielder from 2003-2007.

As the 2007 team went off into their lives, Coach Magsig’s life lessons stayed with them. Now that Coach is retiring the players wanted to share how much they appreciate a man who means so much more to them than just coach.

“Coach congratulations I mean no one has earned this more than you,” said Schiro. “You have been one of my favorite coaches I’ve ever gotten to play for you had my best interests at heart and the team’s best interest at heart but not just in terms of sports in terms of life. Guiding us into the men we needed to be. So I wanna thank you and congratulations!”

“Coach Magsig congrats on a very impressive career not only accolades that you can see on paper but the intangibles of developing young kids into the men that we are today we owe you a lot of credit,” said Matt Bailey, Okemos third baseman from 2003-2007. “You are the mayor of baseball in Okemos always will be.”

“Thank you for providing that structure that consistency and some of the best memories of my life were from those years on the Okemos baseball diamond,” said Ben Burmeister, Okemos infielder from 2003-2007.

As Coach Magsig moves on to the next chapter of his life, he’ll be doing handy-man work with his brothers while spending a lot more time with his family.

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