EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – After Michigan State’s Softball team fell to Wisconsin, it was safe to say that game was one the Spartans would want to move on from fairly quickly.

As for the student broadcast team, Sunday’s game was one they will want to remember for quite some time, because for the first time in Michigan State history, the Big Ten+ stream was put on by an all-female crew both on and off-camera.

“Being a part of this program for four years, we’ve never had an opportunity like this,” Isabella Gorisek, senior at MSU said. “To have so many women on our crew in general and just for Matt [McCulloch] our Executive Producer to say ‘Let’s do this!’ It was just incredible. I am just honored and I just feel on top of the world and over the moon.”

“I think it just shows a lot because sometimes when it comes to women in sports, they are labeled as one thing, so the fact that we had a woman in every single position today from play-by-play announcer, to camera, to graphics, to producer, to director, I think it is just amazing,” Marin Klein, sophomore at MSU said. “It shows that we can do it all, we can do it just as good as anyone else, and that we are putting our names out there and getting some of the respect I think that we really deserve.”

The idea for this all-female broadcast came about because March is Women’s History Month. As for the students, they say they hope something like this becomes a year-round thing.