Dewitt Panther Brotherhood Reunited as Spartans


When Brandon DeSmyter transferred from Northern Michigan University to Michigan State University, playing soccer was not part of his daily schedule. After getting settled into his school work in East Lansing, he decided to tryout for the team he grew up rooting for.

“I actually tried out last, last year may have been a year from now and then they didn’t have the numbers…so I played for the club team for a year actually,” said Brandon.

In between seasons, one of Brandon’s high school teammates and Michigan State Goalkeeper Isaih Handspike, motivated Brandon to take his game to another level.

“One thing that I tried to get into his head before he came for a second tryout and came in like to practices and stuff like that, I wanted him to understand that I knew that he was good enough to be a part of this program and I wanted him to believe that he was good enough to be part of this program,” said Isaih.

For Head Coach Damon Rensing, having a player like Brandon on his roster will impact his players on and off the field.

“(He) came back a year ago and went through the same tryout walk-on process and he’s high energy really hard working the players like him very communicative so I was like we gotta try to add this kid,” said Rensing.

“Some guys on the team were you know saying you know you should come tryout so it again so I did it said why not and it worked out. Not only are they great players but they’re awesome people. Just to have them in my corner and sorta always in my ear is really great to see the area you know sorta rally behind someone,” said Brandon.

For Brandon and Isiah, they get to live out a childhood dream as they prepare to finish their collegiate careers as teammates.

“If you would have told me and Brandon eight years ago there’s a possibility that you’re guys are gonna be spending your senior day at Michigan State together we would have not believed you we would have thought that was the craziest thing that would have been our dream we were still going to the games at that point but I mean at this point like here we are we’re here we’re ready for it and we can’t wait for this next season,” said Isiah.

The Spartans have weekly meetings on Zoom in order to check in on the individual training of each athlete, while no timetable has been set for any summer practices.

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