Former Holt Ram Choose Future After Football in College Choice


Being a running back at Texas Christian University is an opportunity not many football players will ever get. Only given a walk-on position from TCU, meaning no guaranteed playing time or tuition money, former Holt Ram Logan VanEnkenvort decided it was smarter to stay closer to home.

“Honestly it was actually a really tough decision cause I’ve always dreamed of going off somewhere far away to college and what it really came down to was you know where do I really where was I really wanted and I realized Hillsdale (College), great education there really high prestigious school and at the same time I could you know take some money off my tuition and you know play some great football,” said Logan.

Holt’s Head Football Coach, Chad Fulk, knows how dedicated Logan is to achieving every task in front of them.

“Logan is just driven on every aspect whether it be sports school anything he sets his mind to he’s got a great set of parents who really instilled this into him that whatever he’s doing is worth doing right and he puts everything in to every single things he does,” said Fulk. “You see kids like that and you know they’re going to be successful in whatever they do.”

In Logan’s football future he’ll get an opportunity to play at Hillsdale right away, but it’s his goals in the classroom that will make a greater impact on the world ahead of him.

“I really want to become a surgeon. Whether it be Cardio-thoracic, Neurology something like that like I haven’t decided quite yet,” said Logan. “The idea of being able to just actually go in, cut somebody open and change their life is just so intriguing to me.”

Coach would you call Logan a once in a generation type of player?

“You only have one of him every twenty-some years and I hope we don’t have to wait another twenty-some years to get another one of them but chances are yes,” said Fulk.

Logan will begin his training for Hillsdale with hopes of having a football season in the Fall.

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