Former Wolverine Shea Patterson Excited to be a Chief


The COVID-19 Pandemic has left many of us wishing for things to get back to a life we all remember in the not-so-distant past. For former Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson, he’s excited for only one thing.

“To get back on a football field, you know it’s been a long time. I’m one of those guys that just, I love the game and I love the process and I love getting better every single day and I don’t think I could have been given a better opportunity than I have what’s in front of me right now, ” said Patterson.

On Patterson’s horizon is an Undrafted Free Agent contract with the reigning Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs and an opportunity to learn from one of football’s greatest minds.

“Coach (Andy) Reid has an amazing offensive philosophy that I think I can add some value to. Whether it’s getting the defense better in practice and helping out Pat (Mahomes) and Chad (Henne) any way I can. You know I’m just gonna be a sponge and I’m just gonna learn every single day and get better,” said Patterson.

The former Wolverine isn’t going to be alone in his new quarterback room, joining him is former Michigan gunslinger Chad Henne. The now Super Bowl Champion Henne is one of the quarterbacks Patterson grew up idolizing.

“It’s pretty surreal you know I used to go to games with my dad when I was five or six years old and I still remember him playing Purdue and I was sitting way up in the higher rows in the big house and I still remember him his playing days and just watching him so to have the opportunity to go in there and just pick his brain and you know get to learn from him and the rest of the guys it’s going to be awesome,” said Patterson.

Patterson knows he’ll fit right in to the Chiefs offense.

“You know I think as far as play making ability and making stuff happen that nobody sees and at the same time being a game manager and going through all the reads and I think I’m a perfect fit for it,” said Patterson.

Since Patterson just signed his contract with the Chiefs, the time table hasn’t been set for his arrival in Kansas City.

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