Golfing Buds Review Michigan’s Golf Courses


With fancy graphics to start their YouTube videos, Lee Rozanski and Mark Bulic, have been giving their reviews of different golf courses all over the state of Michigan on their YouTube page “Hackers of Michigan”. Their reviews have been a hit and it all started as just finding a course for the common golfer.

“Mark was more into golf than me and the idea really came up when we were on a golf work outing,” said Lee. “People were talking about different courses in the area and we did a little research to see what kind of you know information was available to the average golfer out there and realized that it was an opportunity to come up with kind of unique perspective on navigating the courses.”

For Mark, he couldn’t believe the feedback he and his buddy received as the videos started gaining a broader audience.

“I think the funniest thing is if you watch what we do, you can see it’s really taken a lighthearted approach to the game of golf and looking at it saying hey we are both really not very good golfers,” said Mark. “We try to tell a story from a bad player’s point of view. How much does it cost to play golf? Is it worth driving from your house? What’s it like to play a certain hole from what tees? The funnest part is just seeing the reaction on social media just random strangers hitting Lee up and him telling me that people in different countries are watching this cause it’s absurd but it’s been a blast.”

With the COVID-19 guidelines in place for playing a round of golf, Lee and Mark played the back nine holes at Timber Trace Golf Club this past Sunday. The golfing pals kept their six-foot distance from one another, drove their own golf carts, and refrained from giving high-fives after a good shot. But that didn’t stop their ability to relieve some stress while still staying safe.

“Oh it was great I mean you saw in the video the weather wasn’t exactly optimal for us but it didn’t matter it was just so nice to finally be out enjoying the game and couldn’t been more happy doing it,” said Lee.

“We were kind of apprehensive about all the things you read about, can you touch flag sticks, can you touch sand traps and all that stuff,” said Mark. “Right when we got to the course I mean God they did such a nice job just making you feel comfortable and did such a nice job in separating you and be out there with a friend we could still hit bad shots and laugh and just really enjoy a really nice pretty course.”

Lee and Mark plan to make more videos as the weather gets warmer and into the summer season of friendly tee times. If you’d like to see some of the Hackers of Michigan, click this link:

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