How are the Spartans feeling ahead of their season opener?


The start of the Michigan State football season is only four days away and the Spartans are preparing to host Rutgers on Saturday. The 2020 offseason has been anything but familiar for everyone involved in Michigan State’s program, especially the players.

We spent some time on Tuesday evening talking with two senior leaders, center Matt Allen and linebacker Antjuan Simmons, to get their perspective on how things are going and how they feel with kickoff in sight.

“I’d say the biggest adjustment or weirdest part about it is that when we go outside to practice, we’re already halfway through the semester school wise except we’re just starting football,” said Allen. “So it’s like why is it already cold out if we haven’t started playing yet? But we’re excited for the opportunity and we’re gonna be ready to go on Saturday against Rutgers.”

“Me myself I’m excited, I’m excited to see all the new faces,” said Simmons. “On defense, we only have three returning guys, you guys are gonna get to see eight new faces out there. The time has come to put it all together and show you guys what we’ve been doing this whole time.”

Another interesting difference from last season to this one, there won’t be any team captains for the entire season. Instead, the Michigan State coaching staff will name weekly captains for each game week.

Stay with 6 Sports as we bring your more information on Michigan State before their season-opening game as well as who will be the captains this week. Kickoff for the Spartans’ game against Rutgers is set for noon sharp.

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