Laingsburg’s Motto for 2020: Resiliency


The Laingsburg Wolfpack may not be the biggest high school football team you’ll ever see but their game plan this year is to out-skill their opponents with slimmer yet quicker players.

Laingsburg’s Head Coach Brian Borgman, tailors his strategy to fit the body-type of the players he has on his 2020 roster.

“We’re more of a spread team we’re more of a fast break on grass kinda team, we like to move the ball around we’re not just going to be three yards and a cloud of dust,” said Borgman. “In a way that’s a good thing for us that we try to utilize and we try to tailor our offense and our defense to what we have. I’ve got a bunch of fast skinny kids so we’ll have to play fast skinny football.”

The players, like senior wide receiver and defensive back Zach Hawes, couldn’t agree more.

“Like he said it’s a lot of skinny fast guys we’re a little low on bigger bodies for the line but our skills positions are really good I think they’re gonna excel this year but we’ll be a faster team this year for sure,” said Hawes.

For second year starting quarterback, Doug Matthews, the sky is the limit for the 2020 Wolfpack team.

“I think we can make a pretty decent run into the playoffs, especially with everybody making it so it’ll be more of a longer playoffs this year than usual so, I think we should be able to if not go undefeated in the regular season come pretty darn close,” said Matthews.

Like all teams in every sport in Michigan, the Wolfpack have had to adapt to the unusual 2020 off-season. The players’ ability to work together to plan workouts and keep bouncing back through every hurdle of the COVID-19 safety precautions, impressed their head coach.

“They’ve just been really resilient,” said Borgman. “We had to turn the helmets in, they bounced back. They said hey we can get the helmets back and practice, they came back. Well now you gotta put a mask on and go out there, they bounced back. What I like about these kids right now is they are just really eager to play. I’ve got seniors this is their last chance they don’t want that high school season canceled. So I think the resiliency of this group of kids has been really something special to watch.”

“Throughout quarantine we figured out ways at home we talked to each other, we were lifting ourselves we were doing running doing all this different stuff trying to stay in shape the most we could,” said Hawes.

Going through the quarantine has only made the Wolfpack a closer family, even for someone who joined the team less than a two years.

“I’ve actually only been with these guys for little bit over a year and it feels like I’ve played here my whole life, I couldn’t really ask for it any much better,” said Matthews.

The Wolfpack will open their season by hosting the defending Division 7 State Champion Pewamo-Westphalia Pirates on Friday night. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.

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