In an attempt to lift a few spirits this spring, Terry Kildea who is the director of ‘Stay & Play Golf’ at Eagle Eye Golf Club came up with an idea that will literally knock your socks off.

Starting on May 14 through the end of June, golfers 18 and under can play up to 18 holes at Eagle Eye, Timber Ridge, and Hawk Hollow for just $20 dollars.

It’s an idea Kildea came up with after high school golfers all across Mid-Michigan had their seasons abruptly come to an end due to the coronavirus.

“My brother and I have been involved in junior golf for a long time. We officiate for both the MHSAA Regionals, for both boys and girls, and we run the crews for the MHSAA Finals,” said Kildea.

He later added, “That’s the first thing that popped into my mind way back when the announcement was made by the MHSAA. They’re not going to have an opportunity to play.”

It’s where the thought originated, but then he was also inspired to do this because of his four grandchildren. They’re all boys, they’re all active, and they’re sitting in the house a lot more than they want to these days.

“I get ’em out on the golf course and it got me thinking even more. If I like to do it with these four, let’s let as many as we can get out and really enjoy (without bragging) first class golf courses and at a pretty good rate we feel.”

It’s a steal. It represents a savings of up to $75 dollars per player, per round. The only drawback is the promotion is only being offered on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

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