LESLIE, Mich. (WLNS) – For just being a sophomore and playing varsity baseball for the first time, Leslie sophomore pitcher Ethan Kaimon has been quite impressive

“I don’t know if he expected much,” Leslie baseball coach Mark Frohriep said. “We came out his first game, and we didn’t really know what to expect, and he came out and mowed Perry right down and looked really good doing it.”

“I love to compete, but first game, first game jitters I was a little nervous out there, but I just had fun and once I got through the first one, these are all the same at this point it’s just getting out there and throwing,” Kaimon said.

Kaimon has a 3-0 record this season thanks to his 0.75 ERA and 27 strikeouts, but his success on the mound might not have been possible without some convincing.

Before the 2020 spring season was canceled, Kaimon made the decision not to come out for the baseball team. Once the fall rolled around, Frohriep and those close to Kaimon made a strong push for him to play the game he loves.

“I’m very glad he came out,” Frohriep said. “This year I saw him during the fall practice and he showed up for three or four things, and I said ‘hey, we really like ya. Come out, we need ya,’ and I know he was still a little hesitant still, but I think his friends wore him down.”

“I’m a really big basketball guy, so I was kind of looking forward to maybe playing a little AAU basketball, but baseball – it’s the move – I don’t know why I ever doubt it,” Kaimon said.

Kaimon has built a strong relationship with his coach, which will only help his development on the mound.

“He saw me play basketball, his son plays varsity, he watches me and we talk a lot. He’s a nice dude and I was willing to play for him and give him my all,” Kaimon said.

Frohriep said, “If he keeps working, keeps practicing, he’s only a sophomore I think he’s only going to get better.”