LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – She’s part fighter, part peacemaker.

A local police officer is getting ready to try her hand at winning a national championship.

“I am so excited. I get to represent the state I’m from, and more importantly, I get to represent the department I work for because I work for, the Capital City of Lansing,” said LPD officer Kimberly Green.

Green is working hard to achieve her personal goals, while also serving and protecting the people of Lansing.

Now she’s ready to take her swings on a bigger stage.

“The Golden Gloves is a national tournament here in the United States. Each state will put up a fighter, we’ll go through a state bracket where you fight here in the state, you become a state champion if you win it, and then you have the opportunity to represent your state at nationals with Golden Gloves. It’s held in Tulsa, Oklahoma.” Green said.

And with a record of six wins and zero losses, that’s exactly what Green plans to do.

She has already won a few national events like the “King of the Jungle” tournament in 2019 and the 2021 women’s classic in Atlanta. But all of her training happens right here in Lansing.

“I train on the south side of Lansing, off of Southland, 914 Southland Avenue, between Mount Hope and Holmes. At a team called Team Glass, the owner is Willy Glass, he is the coach there, and I have been working with him for about four years,” said Green.

As for the Golden Gloves, she’s got high hopes.

“I’m hoping to be ranked No. 1 in my weight division in the United States, which is a hefty goal. The objective for me is to just represent the State of Michigan and the City of Lansing to the best of my ability. If that means taking it all home, awesome. If it’s not, I’m there to leave it all in the ring,” she said.

Kimberly competes in the event starting on Aug. 15.