Full-contact football practices at Michigan high schools will be limited to 30 minutes per week to reduce injuries.

The organization that governs Michigan high school athletes also voted to reduce the amount of full contact allowed in preseason workouts.

The Michigan High School Athletic Association voted this week on the reductions for full-contact practices. Michigan joins New Jersey as the second state to implement rules favored by Practice Like Pros, a nonprofit devoted to reducing injuries in youth football. 

The MHSAA is a voluntary group of over 1,500 public and private senior high schools and middle schools which develops common rules in athletics.

Practice Like Pros was founded in 2013 as a national movement to reduce youth football injuries.

The group cites studies that say 58% of concussions in high school football happen on the practice field, compared with 4% in the NFL.

Michigan high schools use to allow a maximum of 90 minutes of full-contact football practice as well as allow one full-contact practice per day in the preseason. Now, teams will get a maximum of six hours a week, including scrimmages, before the season starts.

Several other states currently have contact restrictions in place or are considering them.