EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan State’s baseball team began another one of its summer camps bright and early Monday morning and a couple hundred campers were beaming with excitement once they stepped on to the field at McLane Stadium.

Spartan Head Coach Jake Boss welcomed the campers and delivered the instructions on the day, while the players coached them up by going through throwing drills and adding a few tips about base running.

6 News was able to catch up with Boss and we had to ask him, what does he hope the little guys take away from this opportunity?

“Well I hope they have a great time, I hope they really enjoy themselves here on campus, they enjoy playing the game,” Boss said. “I like them to walk out of here with a smile and say I want to do that again next year. I think for us if that happens, then it’s been a good camp.”

6 Sports Anchor Nick Mantas asked 8-year-old camper Isaiah Nichols what he loves about baseball. His answer?

“That I get to jack homers,” Nichols said.