EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — At the end of the play that left Michigan State University football player Alante Brown injured, he makes a strange motion with his arms and doesn’t protect himself as he falls.

While his actions worried fans and even a concussion expert, 6 News has confirmed no one on the medical team saw what thousands watching at home saw.

Brown fell to the ground after colliding with a Central Michigan University player, he was then taken off the field with a stretcher. “My initial reaction was that’s most likely a concussion and I hope that player doesn’t return,” said Chris Nowinski, CEO and co-founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

Michigan State Spartan Alante Brown is removed from the field after being injured. (WLNS)

But like Nowinski, many had an issue when, with a little under two minutes left in the first half, Brown returned to the field to play. “I did not think Alante Brown would return after showing a clear sign of concussion, which was the fact that he didn’t protect himself when his head went into the ground. He looked to be unconscious, and in that situation, there aren’t any good explanations for why that happened,” said Nowinski.

When the second half began, Brown was dressed in his street clothes and did not play anymore.

MSU coach Mel Tucker addressed the situation at a press conference Monday. “All those decisions are all medical. If he plays, if he doesn’t play, if he practices, if he doesn’t practice — it’s all medical. And I don’t have anything to do with those. So, if they tell me a guy’s up and he can go, then he’ll play. If they tell me he’s down, then he’s out. So that’s what happened,” Tucker said.

Jeff Kovan, MSU Director of Athletic Medicine, responded by saying, “An isolated replay of the injury was not part of the initial sideline video review.” Kovan also noted no medical staff witnessed the incident during the game.

Nowinski calls the situation “unfathomable.”

“Could be a capacity issue. We don’t always invest enough in our medical team to give them everything they need to identify concussions. Your athletic trainers, your medical staff could have been caring for other players when it happened,” Nowinski said.

MSU Athletics says Brown initially responded well to neurological tests immediately after the hit. The decision to take Brown out at halftime was made when staff finally reviewed the video.