MSU Soccer Adds Player with International Experience


For the Michigan State soccer team, rebuilding after one it’s worst seasons in program history, getting fresh legs like midfielder Vedad Kovac is a moment that’s greeted with open arms.

“The first thing I say to all of them is welcome to the family, it’s a great day to be a Spartan,” said Michigan State Soccer Head Coach Damon Rensing. “He was really excited, I think that’s what makes it so much fun is I could feel the excitement in Vedad’s tone of his voice and his family’s voice so when there’s a mutual excitement it’s great. When it’s matching together it’s really really fun.”

Vedad’s interest in Michigan State blossomed from watching the success of the program and learning some history of soccer in East Lansing.

“I’ve heard you know in the past that and currently that Michigan State the team I’ve heard they’re pretty good and I’ve heard the coaching staff’s pretty good so all of that led to my decision be a Spartan kinda to choose Michigan State,” said Vedad.

With the start date of his collegiate career still unknown due to COVID-19, Vedad will be entering college with the unique experience of playing international soccer. Growing up in Georgia raised by Bosnian parents, the opportunity to play for the Bosnian U19 National Team was too perfect to pass up.

After three friendly matches and four European qualifiers, we wondered if the international experience has prepared Vedad for the speed and intensity he’ll face at the collegiate level.

“Oh yeah, I like pushing myself it really excites me to you know learn and as I play with these players that are very good you know that just improves me overall which I mean I’m excited for that,” said Vedad.

“That just makes him more ready mentally for these games so when they get in front of a big crowd at Maryland or a big home crowd at DeMartin against a big time opponent they’ve already been in these scenarios and so it’s nothing new it’s not a first time for them. Vedad will relish in these type of moments I think and certainty succeed,” said Rensing.

Vedad and the rest of the MSU soccer team meet every week on Zoom with the coaching staff to stay organized in preparation for the possibility of a 2020 season.

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