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Potterville’s perseverance helps lead Vikings to historic win


Head Coach Dave Matthews and his band of football players at Potterville High School got their first win of the 2020 season beating Fulton 14-12 on Friday night. Their first win of the year is worth a lot more than just a number, it was also their first CMAC league win in six seasons. Bringing a new sense of optimism to the Vikings’ practice.

We went to practice on Monday to speak with Coach Matthews and two Viking seniors, quarterback Cole Davis and running back Nathan Ackley, as they explained what this win meant to them.

“It felt great, this is my first year on varsity so I know Potterville and the history they’ve struggled with getting wins and I came out this year hoping to help the team kinda improve a little bit and to get that win felt great,” said Ackley.

“Relieving, it felt like something was off my back,” said Davis. “We finally did it and it just felt super exciting and relieving at the same time.”

For Potterville, this win isn’t just important because of its ability to break a 20-game losing streak, it’s the life lessons that these players learned throughout the years of losing seasons that will leave a bigger impact on their lives.

“Well it teaches them that hard work pays off and I think a lot of times in society nowadays when things don’t go right, right away we walk away from things,” said Matthews. “But these kids if they’ve learned anything from playing football for four years here in Potterville is you keep working hard keep trying you’re gonna see some success at the end. I always tell our kids it’s not always about playing the sport it’s about preparing to play the sport and our preparation with participation has gotten so much better in the buy-in and the culture.”

“We’re a strong motivated team that wants to get more wins and show people that we’re not just some pushover team we wanna earn the other teams respect,” said Ackley.

The Vikings will host Saranac on Friday night, kickoff is set for 7 p.m.

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